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Best Low Carb Fruits For Keto Diet

Best Low Carb Fruits For Keto Diet

The Ketogenic diet has taken the world by storm and rightfully so. The diet uses sound science and reasoning to support the theory that lower carb consumption can lead to and assist in weight loss for a variety of individualsi. Keto has worked for thousands of people, but one of the drawbacks to being in a Keto diet or any diet for that matter is that your diet will be limited. You will no longer be able to eat every single thing that you once were able to when you weren’t on a low carbs diet. You need to be monitoring what you eat daily and ensuring that it is compliant with your Macronutrient intake goals.


This can leave a lot of people wondering if they can eat fruit on a Keto diet. Fruits are tasty, natural, and have dozens of health benefits. But can they be eaten on a Keto diet where the objective is to eliminate or reduce the amount of carbs in your diet? The answer varies. Not all fruits are created equal, and they don’t all have the same nutritional information, either. What fruits you can or can’t eat is going to depend on what fruit they are, how many carbs they contain, and some other factors.


Fruits are also a great thing to work in to a recipe if you can. However, you need to be careful on a Keto diet when trying to include fruit in your recipe because it is important to monitor all the Macros that you are consuming to make sure they fit in with your daily allotment of each. Some people have the opinion of fruits that because they are fruit, it must be healthy. While fruits are in general a great thing to include in your diet, the Keto diet is much more specific. The goal is to achieve the necessary healthy vitamins and minerals without including the carbs in your diet. This can take a lot of research and planning, so we’re going to take an in-depth look at each of the fruits and berries and determine if they are suitable for a Keto diet.

Keto Low Carb Fruit

What Fruits Can I Eat On A Keto Diet?

We’re sorry to be the bearer of bad news, but most of the traditional fan favorite fruits are going to be bad for you on a Keto diet. These are all good on a regular diet, but now that you’re eating Keto, you need to avoid the carbs that come in the natural sugar in these fruits. The ones that you’ll want to steer clear from are mostly bananas, apples, pears, oranges, and watermelon.


Yeah, we know. These fruits rock and they taste great. Unfortunately, their high sugar content comes with a lot of carbs and it’s just not a good option for a Keto diet. It would be extremely difficult to consume these fruits regularly and stay in ketosis, thus jeopardizing your weight loss. Don’t worry, though. There are several fruits with numerous health benefits each that you can consume on a Keto diet, and some of them are quite popular. But even if they aren’t, it’s always good to expand your diet and you can get some good experience cooking with versatility and including these less popular fruits into a recipe or two at home. Let’s begin!


Are you happy to see them on the list? Avocados are super trendy right now and they also happen to taste great. They’re also incredibly versatile. You can put them on a sandwich sliced, make them into guacamole, chop them up, anything! Many people regard it as a super food, but let’s see exactly what that means.


Avocados provide a lot of healthy, natural fats instead of sugars and carbs. This is excellent for a Keto diet because the objective is to reduce your carbs and replace that with a very high fat intake. This makes avocados an excellent fruit to eat on a Ketogenic diet. Furthermore, avocados also have tons of healthy vitamins and minerals to impact your immediate and long term health. They are linked to several heart health benefits, which ripple throughout your body and affect your overall well-being. Eating 100 grams of avocado will only make your carbs intake 1.8 grams. That’s an astonishingly low carbs content for such an amazing fruit! You should seek to include avocados into your Keto diet whenever possible.

Avocados Keto


Yumm! Who doesn’t love lemons? They can spruce up a dish, recipe, or beverage! They add a unique element to a variety of different foods and are quite a popular fruit. Did I mention that they are Keto-friendly? Sounds great, right?! Let’s go into what makes lemons such a great fruit for the Keto diet.


Lemons are an excellent source of electrolytesi. When you are on a Keto diet, your body can easily lose its electrolytes. Muscle function depends on an abundance of electrolytes and without them, your muscles can start to cramp during any physical activity. Muscle cramps are painful, unpleasant, and something that you should want to avoid at all costs. Who knew it was as easy as getting your daily dose of lemon?


The easiest application for this fruit in your Keto diet is to simply put it in your water. This is super easy and only takes a minute to do, plus it’ll make your water taste better, be healthier, and give you all the electrolytes that you can handle. It’s so easy, why not do it? Lemon water has a ton of other benefits, as well. It can help your heart, muscle and joints as well as increasing your body’s ability to absorb iron. This can improve muscle strength and even lead to the prevention of osteoporosis later in your life. When you have healthy bones, you also have healthy joints. The ripple effect of simply consuming more lemons is wide-reaching and profound. Your body is a finely tuned machine and lemon can help it continue to run smoothly. For every 100 grams of lemon that you consume, you’ll be taking in about 6.5 grams of carbs. Not bad at all!



Blackberries aren’t super popular, but they are great for a Keto diet. Many people are excited to hear this because in general, you can’t eat many berries on a Keto diet. They are very healthy for you and have tons of vitamins and minerals, but the sugar content is usually too high in berries for them to be considered for inclusion in a Keto diet. Blackberries, however, are the exception.


Blackberries taste absolutely awesome and are packed with vitamins C, K, and they also have a good dose of manganese. These vitamins will help improve your motor functions, mainly. They also can help to reduce inflammation. Inflammation is a large factor in a Keto diet so helping to reduce it has a direct benefit to your Keto diet. When you reduce inflammation, you can often see a reduction in size in your waist and stomach. This isn’t a factor of actually burning fat, but it’s a result of the inflammation going down which can help you look smaller. Look thinner just by eating berries? Sign me up! Blackberries can also help you meet your fiber goals, which is a problem area for a lot of people. Eating 100 grams of blackberries means you will take in about 4.3 gams of carbs.


Hallelujah! Strawberries are a timeless berry that tastes amazing and can be eaten as a snack just by themselves. Watch out, though, you should make sure that you aren’t allergic to this tasty berry. It’s awesome that this fruit is Keto-friendly, because people everywhere love it. What else do strawberries have to offer, though?


Strawberries help to improve your blood sugar and can also help to improve insulin sensitivity. It’s a great fruit to pair with a Keto diet because of all the extra health benefits. The drawback to strawberries is that they are a little higher in carbs than some of the other fruits in our list, so you need to watch your intake a little more closely. You should look to include these into your diet and you can even use them to improve a recipe. They pair well with a lot of things, too. For every 100 grams of strawberries that you consume, you’ll be eating 5.6 grams of carbs. Well worth the slight increase!


Limes are a close cousin to Lemons, and have many of the same benefits. Unlike lemons, however, limes can actually help prevent plaque in your arteries. This can help benefit you in the long-term and probably prevent a lot of different health disorders in the future. When your arteries are clean, you have better blood flow and your body will function better and be healthier overall.


Yes, tomatoes are a vegetable! If you haven’t learned by now, there’s no time like the present! Tomatoes are a bit polarizing and I know some people that love them and an equal amount of people that despise them. On a Keto diet, though, you should learn to love them as fast as possible! May people still think that tomatoes are a vegetable because they often come on sandwiches and they are raised in a garden with other foods that are vegetables. This can be confusing, but tomatoes are in fact a fruit that has many health benefits and are Keto-friendly.


Tomatoes aren’t just good for sprucing up a sandwich—they are also great to include in a variety of recipes and dishes. They aren’t a main course themselves, but they can bring an element of acidity to a recipe and they have tons of vitamins, minerals, and Micronutrients that can have a wide-reaching effect on your short and long term health. For every 100 grams of tomatoes that you eat, you will be taking in 2.7 grams of carbs. This makes it extremely friendly and healthy to a Keto diet and you should seek fun ways to incorporate tomatoes into your recipes and meal plans!


Okay, we get it. Rhubarb isn’t the most exciting fruit, but they are great for Keto. Keto is all about adjusting your diet and including rhubarb in creative ways definitely fits into that model! Rhubarb is similar to tomatoes in that it’s not a main dish, but rather used often as an accessory to the foods and recipes that you cook.


Rhubarb is also very beneficial to heart health and can increase your good cholesterol, which leads to a lowered risk of heart disease in the future. It also has vitamin K, which is important for bone growth and repair. This will also prevent diseases that cause discomfort and pain in the future. Most importantly, rhubarb has also been linked to cancer prevention by preventing the healthy cells in your body from mutating or dying. Finally, it’s very Keto friendly coming in at 2.7 grams of carbs for every 100 grams of rhubarb consumed.


Rhubarb usually isn’t a great candidate to just snack on, but you can always include it in a recipe or dish that you want to add some more healthy ingredients into.

Green Olives

Another polarizing figure in the world of fruits are green olives. You either love these or you hate them, but how healthy they are may change your opinion if you hate them.


Olives have lots of benefits for bone health, like a lot of the other fruit on our list. Making your bones healthier and stronger will help to prevent a lot of problems down the road and it’s always worth it to improve your future chances of remaining healthy whenever possible. As an extra bonus to Keto dieters, olives have a high fat content. On a diet where you need to reduce carbs and replace them with fat, olives serve the purpose well and are a valuable addition to a Keto diet. For every 100 grams of olives that you consume, you’ll be netting about 3.1 grams of carbs towards your Macro intake.


Each of these fruits are great for the Keto diet and you should look to include them as a snack or an ingredient in a Keto-friendly recipe as much as possible! Getting enough of these fruits in combination with the Keto diet can be the different between health problems when you are older and a long, healthy life. While you are monitoring all your macros and the foods that you eat each day, be sure to include these Keto super fruits!

green olives keto

What Fruit Is The Lowest In Carbs

Okay, we’ve been through the list, but which one is the Keto superstar fruit? The answer would have to be avocados. Avocados come in at only 1.8 grams of carbs per 100 grams of avocados and have tons of health benefits as well. This is the fruit on our list with the lowest amount of carbs by far, and it’s also a very versatile fruit that you can use as a snack by itself, toppings on a sandwich, or in a tasty Keto-friendly guacamole.


Avocados are unique in that they are very versatile and bring a lot of value not only to a Keto diet, but to your everyday regular diet as well. Though you should always monitor the volume of what you consume and what it means for your Keto diet and ketosis status, you can be confident in including avocados into your diet as much as you see fit.


Coming in a close second were tomatoes and rhubarb with 2.7 grams of carbs for 100 grams of each. These fruits are not as versatile as avocados as you wouldn’t ordinarily eat them as a snack by themselves, but they can be used in a recipe or dish in a huge variety of different dishes. This makes them additionally valuable to a Keto diet since people are always looking for low carb dishes to make that are friendly to their Keto diet and having extra ingredients that won’t affect the carbs much is a very important factor in that.

Are Fruit Carbs Bad For Weight Loss?

The goal of the Keto diet is to achieve ketosis through the practice of limiting your carbs and replacing it with proteins and fats. By limiting your carbs, the body’s favorite source of energy, your body is forced to burn fats and other things for energy. This results in weight loss. So, the most paramount factor in Keto is that you keep your carbs down.


It is understandable, knowing this information, that people are concerned about any carbs that they consume and they are naturally skeptical when it comes to trying different foods. Eating fruit carbs are perfectly fine for a Keto diet and are no more damaging than any other carbs that you may consume. You just need to make sure that you closely track every food and every source of carbs that you take in so that you can stay under your daily carbs allotmenti. If you don’t, you will endanger your state of ketosis and in turn, your weight loss journey.


Fruits are healthy, but on a Keto diet you need to be more selective. This means choosing fruits that are both healthy in general and low in carbs. If you aren’t doing the necessary work and research, your Keto diet will go to waste and you’ll never be able to enter ketosis. So, fruit carbs are mostly just like any other carbs and you need to limit them accordingly.

How To Use Low Carb Fruits In Recipes?

When you are using low carb fruits in recipes, the sky is really the limit! You can do a huge variety of things with fruits in your recipes and even alter your recipes to include these fruits. The most popular of these fruits for inclusion in recipes are most likely going to be ones like tomatoes and rhubarb. These are healthy fruits that can’t really be eaten plain (at least tastefully). They are better consumed as ingredients in existing recipes to increase the amount of healthy vitamins and minerals in your everyday meals.


Though you can always cook with more fruits, the best and most popular way to include fruit into a recipe seems to be in desserts. Fruits can offer a fun way to include some sweetness in your desserts but also keep things healthy. Here are some example recipes that you might want to look into if you are looking to include more fruits into some recipes:

    • Berries and Whipped Cream

    • Keto Berry Mousse

    • Keto Cheesecake with Blueberries

    • Grilled Peaches

    • Coconut Cream with Berries

    • Keto Chocolate and Hazelnut Spread

    • Low Carb Chia Pudding

    • Ginger Berry Yogurt

    • Strawberry Popsicles

These ideas should give you a good starting point that you can branch off from. All these desserts are available in low carb recipes and include all the health benefits of fruit, as well. Desserts don’t have to be unhealthy, you can have a healthy, good-tasting dessert at the same time!


Though fruits are extremely popular in most people’s diets, some have the misconception that they aren’t suitable for a Keto diet in which you need to limit carbs. This isn’t true! Not only can fruits be included just as well in a Keto diet as any other ingredient, there are actually lots of fruits to choose from! Some are less popular than your traditional options like watermelons or apples, but they can be just as tasty and they also allow you to branch out into new foods and find new ways to incorporate them into a recipe.


They also all contain vital vitamins and minerals that can impact your immediate health as well as your long-term health and have wide-reaching ripple effects throughout your lifei. There are even some fruits that are known to help prevent cancer. Whether you are trying to include a super food like avocados or merely an ingredient like tomatoes, fruits have a place in the Keto diet and play an important role in your health. You should look to include them within the confines of your carbs budget as much as you can!




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