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How To Use The Ketone Breath Meter?


If you want to get consistent measurements with the Ketone Breath Meter, it's very important that you follow these directions to get the best results.

Start with a long breath:

In order to receive an accurate measure you need to make sure that you are breathing from the bottom of your lungs and exhaling deeply. Short breaths will lead to inaccuracies.

Refrain from taking a deep inhale before exhaling. An intense inhalation before exhaling can often lead to an inaccurate measure.

Just make sure that you breathe normally and do a relaxed and full exhale emptying your lungs as much as possible into the device. When you have to inhale again make sure to remove the Ketone Meter from your mouth and let it finish the analysis.

If you decide to use the device multiple times within the same time frame, your ketosis state is determined by the highest reading. This is an indicator of the highest concentration of ketones sitting in your lungs.

Please note that you should only be blowing into your device once every 3-5 minutes. Otherwise this can overload the sensor.

Why a deep breath is important:

A deeper breath into the Ketone Meter is essential because the last of the air in your lungs often has some of the highest concentrations of ketones for measurement. Each individual will have their own metabolism and lifestyle that can affect the readings but most of the factors that will read ketones can be present in a deep breath.

Why measuring these results is important:

There are many factors that can affect ketosis. In order to stick to a ketogenic diet and to be in a state of increased performance and fat burning, you need to be able to measure that your body is in ketosis. The best indication of this is through the Keto Meter. If it can read the presence of Ketones in your breath, this can show that you have the right balance of food and exercise with your lifestyle for a state of ketosis.

Making adjustments through intermittent fasting, changing your diet or even adding exercise can help you to affect the total amount of ketones that can be found on the Keto meter in your system. By improving the state of ketosis you are in, it's possible to see greater amounts of fat burning and improved results from training.

Measuring your results on the device can also make sure that you are not entering into dangerous levels of ketosis where you might be down on energy.

Try to take a reading before exercise:

Measuring your results during exercise or directly after exercise with the Keto Meter can sometimes produce a false positive of glucose. Certain types of exercise like high intensity interval training can produce glucose during training. This can throw off your value of ketones until your muscles are able to appropriately absorb that glucose. Testing your body can be done before exercise or at intervals of 30 to 60 min. after exercise to get the most accurate reading.

How can you accurately read ketones without a blood test?

You may have heard of the idea of ketones being tested through a blood test. The Ketone Meter is a much more convenient system for measuring ketones through the breath. Higher breath ketones can suggest an increase in blood ketones. Even though you aren't getting a direct blood measurement for ketones, this can still be an accurate reading that you can use to make adjustments in your diet or exercise.

Keep in mind that everybody responds to ketosis differently and that ketones in the breath do not correlate with ketones in the blood and urine but rather glucose levels.

Performing regular readings:

ketones can be used in your body as they are needed for fat burning potential. Performing regular readings will ensure that you can get the most out of your training or even while you are at rest. We burn calories throughout the day and just to keep our bodily systems running, the presence of ketones in our system could be improving our fat burning potential as were sitting at our desk or relaxing.

Our heart, skeletal muscles and our brain are constantly in need of calories in the presence of ketones ensures that the excess fat in your body can be constantly converted for the energy instead of empty sugar.

Keep some of these ideas in mind for using the Keto Meter and for why it is so important to track your ketone levels!

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