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Is Bacon Low On Carbs?

Is Bacon Low On Carbs?

It can be sad to point out that bacon has a horrible reputation in the mainstream media and has been branded as one of those foods you should avoid if you want to see some meaningful results in your dieting endeavors. But it will surprise you to learn that bacon isn’t as bad as it is made to appear, and though it may have high fat content – unsaturated fat for that matter, it isn’t necessarily a high carb diet, and thus perfect for anyone keen on keto dieting.

Bacon’s Nutritional Content

In evaluating on whether or not bacon is low on carbs, it would be beneficial to consider a wholesome approach to the entire nutritional content of bacon and how these play out in different diet plans. One slice of raw bacon, for instance, has the following nutritional content:

    • Approximately 117 calories
    • Approximately 11 grams of fat
    • Approximately 3.5 grams of proteins
    • Approximately 0.36 grams of carbohydrates
    • 185 milligrams of sodium
    • A few vitamins and minerals

From the above, it is abundantly clear that bacon is very low on carbs and even though it has high fat content, it can still easily qualify for keto diets. It is also evident that bacon is very high in sodium and though the general nutritional advise is that we should always keep our intake of sodium low, in ketogenic diets, increased amounts of sodium is actually desired, and this gives more credence to bacon as an appropriate consideration for keto diets.

Keto Bacon

Is It Friendly To Diet On Bacon?

It will be unrealistic to ignore the negative connotations surrounding bacon diets when it comes to eating healthy. But before you can allow yourself to get affected by all the hearsays, one needs to find concrete information and know exactly the negative health benefits alleged to come from bacon, and determine if there is any scientific backing or clinical studies to support such claims.

To begin with, 68% of the calories obtained from bacon are from fat and almost three quarters of that is from unsaturated fats. With each ounce of bacon you consume, you get about 30 milligrams of cholesterol which is alleged to be bad for the heart. You have also heard it being mentioned time without count that eating foods with high levels of saturated fats will raise your cholesterol levels, thus increase your chances of suffering from stroke and heart related conditions.

But amidst all these claims and counter claims, dieting in bacon may not necessarily be harmful to your health, especially if you are keen on getting into ketosis. If you can take the diets in moderate proportions, then you stand no chances of suffering any ill effects, since there is no evidence that saturated fats and low carb levels present in bacon can actually cause the following-:

    • An increase in the levels of saturated fats
    • Higher chances of getting heart diseases
    • Increase in obesity due to increase fat consumption
    • Increase in obesity due to low protein consumption

All the above brings us to the conclusion that there are no dangers in dieting on bacon if you will take it in moderate levels. What ought to worry you is taking too much of toxic trans fats as well as polyunsaturated fats.

Types Of Lean Bacon

Of course, there are various types of bacon, and as one interested in getting the best out of bacon diets, you should be interested in knowing the various types available and the most recommended ones you should consider, especially if you are watching a keto diet.

Here is a brief look at some of the lean types of bacons you can potentially consider for your keto diets:

Applewood Bacon

Applewood bacon is when the normal bacon is subjected to smoke burning from Applewood. These bacon taste sweeter, retain most of their nutritional values and they can be subjected to a wide range of bacon recipes.

Canadian Bacon

Applewood bacon is when the normal bacon is subjected to smoke burning from Applewood. These bacon taste sweeter, retain most of their nutritional values and they can be subjected to a wide range of bacon recipes.


Pancetta bacon is Italian and it is made from unsmoked pork belly that is then smoked and cured with herbs such as nutmeg, peppercorns, cloves, salts, and fennel amongst others. This bacon has a distinctive taste that makes it stand out from the rest.

Cornmeal Bacon

Cornmeal bacon is made from lean, boneless pork loins which are then pickle-cured before they are rolled into fine golden yellow crusts of cornmeal. As such, they retain a lot of moisture during cooking and they will also retain their crispiness when being fried.

Peppered Bacon

If you are the kind of guy who loves to have their bacon with a kind of hot kick, then this is the bacon you should be taking. It is simply a peppered bacon covered in a layer of ground black pepper.

The Dangers Of Consuming Too Much Bacon

The dangers of consuming too much bacon lies in the excessive accumulation of its various nutritional contents in the body. They include the following:

Saturated Fats

Consuming too much bacon will lead to the accumulation of too much saturated fats and these are associated with risks of chronic health complications such as diabetes and unhealthy weight gain. If you were on a keto diet, then you should never consider consuming too much bacon.


Bacon naturally has high levels of sodium and some of the potential effects of consuming too much of it include higher risks of high blood pressure, stroke, kidney diseases, and heart diseases amongst others.

Nitrites and nitrates

The nitrites and nitrates used in extending the shelf life of bacons are also believed to increase the chances of getting heart diseases, causing damage to the blood vessels, and affecting your body’s efficiency in managing the blood sugar levels.

If you are ingesting bacon as part of your diet, one of the best ways that you can work at managing your state of ketosis is with the help of a Ketone breath meter. These devices can help you manage your body on the diet and check if you are still in a state of ketosis.

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