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Ketone Meter

Jul 18, 2018
Ketone Meter


If you are on the ketogenic diet and you want to make sure that your body is in a consistent state of ketosis it remains very important that you monitor your progress using some type of meter. One of the most popular new ways that many people are tracking their progress with this diet is with the help of a ketone meter. This is a device that can be used to monitor ketones in breath. It works in a similar way that a breathalyzer detects alcohol. Rather than detecting the presence of alcohol in breath however the breathalyzer actually works to detect the presence of ketones which are given off when a person is in a state of ketosis.

A ketone meter remains one of the easiest ways that you can measure the status of your ketosis. Other methods can often be a bit invasive but with the help of the meter, you just need to breathe into the device for a fairly accurate reading at any time.

When should you be measuring ketones?

With any low carbohydrate diet where you should be measuring ketones, there are some specific times when it can be beneficial to measure the presence of ketones. A higher level of ketones on the meter don't always mean that you'll be getting the best weight loss results either. Keeping your ketones at a good level can help to make sure that you can prevent the chances of putting your body into a dangerous level where you will no longer be consuming fat but rather be consuming nutrients in your body that are needed.

One of the best times that you can measure your ketone levels with a meter is right before you have breakfast. The level of ketones in your body and your breath don't change quite as drastically as your blood sugar so it means that by measuring your ketones at specific times through the day, you can work at getting an accurate reading on your ketone level when they are at their lowest. Choosing a consistent time in the morning when the presence of ketones is at its maximum and then choosing a time in the evening when you are likely to have your largest meal can be important. Take around 15 min. before measuring after you have your largest meal. After that, you can have your highest and lowest concentrations for ketones. This will give you an idea of the range that your body typically experiences. Keeping the range of ketones in your body at a fairly consistent rate will mean discovering averages. Measuring at specific times when your ketone levels are at their highest and lowest can help you to see the average concentration of ketones for guiding your training goals.

Optimizing your health with measuring ketones:

Detecting the presence of ketones when you have been on a ketogenic diet for some time can take measurement from a ketone meter. Detecting your ketogenic range in the early stages can also be done by some subjective feelings. If you start to feel like your legs are weak, if you experience nausea or headaches, you may be in a ketogenic state that is burning fat to rapidly. These symptoms can also sometimes be called the keto flu. In the earliest stages of your diet you might experience some of the symptoms as a result of your body adjusting to the change in your metabolism.

Hunger can also be a big way that you can measure the presence of ketones. When your body is in the first stages of the diet, you'll find yourself being extremely hungry. Over time however your body can become keto adapted and start to see decreases in hunger which can result in better focus and improved overall feeling while you are on the diet.

If you find yourself continuing to feel extensive symptoms of hunger even months after you been into the ketogenic diet, it could be a good idea to optimize your health by regularly using your ketone meter. Putting your body into a proper ketogenic state is often one of the best ways to curve the symptoms of hunger and prevent the chances that your body isn't providing you with the fat burning benefits of the diet.

When you are able to experiment slightly with the ketones present in your body and measuring this with the ketone meter, you can have a better idea on the way that you can feel the best while you are on the diet. Finding a level that works for you will help you determine how you can have the utmost focus with your ketogenic diet.

How are ketones so easy to measure in breath?

A breath reading for ketones can be extremely accurate because of the way that ketones can produce a smell in our breath as fat starts to break down. Breath acetones can be a very good predictor of ketosis and many people actually start to notice that their breath can start to change when they start ketosis.

Breath acetones work as a biomarker of the beta hydroxybutyrate in blood plasma and this comes from the breakdown of various fats in the blood stream. This is exactly the type of effect that you are going to want to create when you are in a ketogenic diet. Getting a keto breath meter can be one of the best ways that you can perform these readings with very minimal discomfort to better understand the overall mechanism of your diet.

By simply breathing into the device every day at regular intervals, you can get a rough monitor on the breath acetones that are present in your system. Having a ketone breath meter can help you through the process of the diet and benefit you when it comes to having a reliable measurement device for weight maintenance.

If you are planning on starting the ketogenic diet, you should strongly consider picking up a keto breath meter so that you can have better results over time. These simple tools can really help you ramp up your progress!

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